In collaboration with Balsam Health Services, the Global Advisory Clinic of Al-Hokayel Medical Group has been opened to treat chronic diseases and difficult cases with more than one diagnosis. Al-Marith wishes to confirm the diagnosis by dividing a second medical consultation or opinion from one of the most important hospitals in the states The most important of which are the hospitals of the famous Harvod in the United States and of us the “Mas-Gen” hospital, the first in the world, which helps the patient to understand his illness clearly, and presents him with possible treatment options.
One of the most important advantages of the partnership is that there is no need to travel for medical advice from those hospitals. All that the patient or his authorized person should visit us in advance with his first medical file and any subsequent reports and follow up the tests and radiographs he has done in addition to the drugs he is currently using. In the Balsam Global Consultancy Clinic to ensure that the patient’s medical file is complete and that it conforms to the required standards from the international hospitals and then sends it to the chosen hospital from within our global network for medical advice.

Second Medical Opinion:

This service provides medical diagnosis of the patient’s condition and proposed treatment plan for patients wishing to confirm the first medical opinion obtained from the specialist doctor or from the local medical center. The medical diagnosis and patient treatment plan are provided through a carefully selected network of hospitals and medical centers In the language that the patient wishes and in conformity with international standards.

One of the most important features of the second medical opinion

  • Trust and Credibility.
  • Privacy and confidentiality.
  • Speed. ​​
  • Accuracy and compliance with global standards and standards.
  • Appropriate and competitive prices.

Services Provided at Balsam Clinic

  • Physical medicine.
  • Neurological rehabilitation.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Dietary rehabilitation and diets.
  • Neurological rehabilitation.
  • Rehabilitation of burns.
  • Work qualification.
  • Health services are also provided in addition to support for people who wish to receive approved treatment programs at licensed medical centers for mental and mental disabilities.

Checks provided

  • General Medical Examination.
  • Gastrointestinal examination.
  • Heart examination.
  • Urinary examination.