The latest cosmetic technology under one roof.
We at Alhokail Dermatology Clinic specialize in dermatology, skin care, laser, and cosmetology.
We are also distinguished by high quality and the latest advanced technologies in all dental and cosmetic specialties under one roof.
In Alhokail Clinics, you will live a unique experience during your treatment period because we are pioneers in health care with a comfortable environment and integrated care that we provide to you, and we also aim to build bridges of trust with all our clients through health education and education in addition to credibility.
Finally, we would like to tell our customers to make sure that our skills and capabilities will not stop growing because in the end we strive to achieve the highest levels of trust and service for you.


• All skin diseases diagnosis & treatment for all ages
• Chronic skin diseases
• Dermoscopy for hair, nails & skin diseases without skin biopsy
• Modern biological treatment of Psoriasis
• Melanocyte medical treatment of Vitiligo
• Electrotherapy, cryocautery, intralesional injections & ultraviolet therapy
• Skin biopsy for histopathologic examination



• Laser hair removal with minimal pain
• Fractional laser for several purposes
• Skin pigmentation removal
• Vascular skin lesions removal
• Skin tightening & wrinkles removal
• Skin rejuvenation

Cosmetic Services

• Peeling of all kinds, such as chemical & fruit acids
• Hair & skin mesotherapy & facial cleansing
• Botox for wrinkles & excessive sweating
• Fillers of all kinds
• Derma roller & derma pen
• Stretch marks & Cellulite treatments
• Dark eye circles
• Whitening for sensitive areas, knees & elbows
• Scars & acne treatment
• Skin rejuvenation & all types of facial masks
• Lips rejuvenation

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