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As Al Hokail Group ventures to globalization in the field of aesthetically and healthy lifestyles, we decided to open our Plastic Surgery Department to our valued customers. As we promised to provide the best healthcare and welfare to our clients, we decided to give you a new line of service to meet your expectations and satisfactions.

Plastic Surgery involves the study and application of beauty treatments and care to people’s hair, skin, and nails. Under the hands of our most competent team of plastic surgeons, we present the following amenities:

  1. Hair services
    a. Haircuts
    b. Hairstyles
    c. Perms
    d. Chemical treatments
    e. Shampooing
    f. Hair straightening
    g. Bleaching
    h. Coloring


  2. Skin services
    a. Facials
    b. Makeup
    c. Waxing
    d. Tweezing


  3. Nail services

  4. a. Manicures
    b. Pedicures
    c. Gel nails
    d. Acrylic nails
    e. Silk nails


    Let us pamper you with the most caressing team of Al Hokail Department of Plastic Surgery . Indulge and reward yourself to an excellent service at our company.

For more details about our programs, please kindly call our hotlines or visit our clinics nearest to you.

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