Botox injection

It is a protein that is injected into different levels of skin tissue.
It is used in the treatment of increased sweating in the armpit, hands or legs and its uses in the treatment of expressive wrinkles in the front and around the eye and raise eyebrows and neck wrinkles.
Its effect lasts about six months and longer and with a longer injection.


  • Botox treats motor wrinkles which are wrinkles that appear at the movement of the muscle and disappear at the end of this movement.
  • There is no specific age for injecting Botox, as long as it is used to treat motor wrinkles that may appear early or delayed in the sense that Botox can be injected based on skin condition and wrinkles and not depending on age.
  • It can be used to lift the eyebrow and lift the dilated upper eyelid without surgery.
  • gummy smile Can be injected in a certain way to prevent the upper lip from being smeared when you smile.
  • It can be improved in a certain way to improve the shape of the mouth by raising the mouth angle up Mona Lisa smile.
  • Can be injected into the neck to treat neck wrinkles.
  • Can be used to treat excessive sweating.