• Beautify the sensitive area: Some women suffer from fullness, largeness, sagging, looseness, or unwanted shape. The session aims to restore the youthful vision of the area by laser surgery without bleeding, cutting the blades or filling with the filers.
  • Treatment of uterine prolapse.
  • Urinary bladder lift.

A procedure to beautify the genital area of ​​the LVR laser with local anesthesia without bleeding or bleeding.

Labiaplasty and labia minora reduction

The aim of these operations is to reduce small cysts in women who suffer from an increase in the size of small cysts.
We say that there is an increase in the size of small cysts if they are larger than 4 cm and are stretched after any tension of the skin.

Increasing the size of small cysts may have negative effects on women.

  • Discomfort when wearing some clothes.
  • Discomfort when playing some sports.
  • Annoying sex.
  • An aesthetic discomfort.
  • Increased pigmentation and blackness of the lips.
  • Increase and replicate fungal infections.

This surgery is intended for

  • aesthetically: reducing the size of the small labia, correcting symmetry, removing scars from the vagina.
  • Functionally: Remove the sense of harassment during intercourse, wearing some clothing, or during sports.

We also offer all women’s therapeutic services

  • Follow-up pregnancy – Generating – Treatment of recurrent projections – Prenatal tests – Treatment of delayed pregnancy, infertility and osteoporosis.