Bracket laser detector and laser coaxial

The idea of ​​the Vrachnal Laser Master is to create very small openings surrounded by laser thermal areas in the skin to the depth we want, which stimulates the cells of the fibroblast to produce collagen and rejuvenate all parts of the skin, which leads to tensile strength by 10% to 30% The results of other tensile devices. The new technique came about two years ago and is based on the same technique but added a microscopic surface peeling at these points with CO2 laser technology.

Problems treated by the Co2 laser fractional.

  • Acne scars.
  • Surgical scarring.
  • White and red skin cracks, both after pregnancy and after weight loss, with mixed results.
  • Pigmentation as a result of varying results and deep and superficial wrinkles with encouraging results.

Therapy Program

  • The number of sessions predicted is determined by the size of the problem and the quality of the skin.
  • The period between each session must be at least one month.
  • The patient should be discontinued for at least three months.
  • Do not be accompanied by peeling, emery, or other laser programs.
  • There will be a feeling of pain during the session and the doctor will use a local anesthetic one hour before the session begins.
  • The doctor will write you a post-session treatment program that includes creams with the need to use the solar condenser constantly.

Treatment Method

The treatment of Parachenal in the form of several sessions vary depending on the situation and according to the patient’s response, and the way the work of the session is as follows: The patient to attend the clinic before the session to develop a local anesthetic cream and then the doctor begins to pass the practical radiation to the area to be treated, depending on the type of condition and color of the skin and take the whole face about A quarter of an hour later, the patient is given the cream to put it twice a day for several days after the session.

The patient is also informed that he needs three to five treatment sessions to get the required results. The period ranges from two sessions of four to six weeks. Further improvement continues to appear for several months after the end of the session due to the long-term effect of collagen renewal on collagen. Inner skin layers.

The latest developments in the technique of Fraksel new research shows its effectiveness in many skin diseases and skin changes associated with aging, there is new research on its use in the treatment of skin cracks. There is also preliminary research on the treatment of fractional of some of the birthmarks acquired such as Baker’s meat without The final results appear.

In fact, many dermatologists feel comfortable with the presence of such techniques, which have increased the efficiency of scar treatment, especially acne scars while minimizing side effects.

) Now, after the use of CO2 laser technology, the desired results from skin peeling have become more successful and the ease of treatment has become a reality for us to enjoy, beyond what was just dreams and hopes in the imagination of patients and doctors.