Non-surgical laser device

To narrow the vagina and treat infections and recurrent secretions of women and lighten and supply the genital area and treatment of cases of urinary incontinence.

Laser vaginal tightening

Changes in your body after the end of pregnancy and your child’s arrival in life may be sudden and sometimes shocking to you as a woman. You may have been exercising depression, because you are beginning to feel enlarged and your husband’s reaction to your marital relationship begins to bother you.

Do not worry Madam and Ttotri All this is a natural thing and the solution is simply available .. Laser works to solve post-natal problems.

  • To effectively and safely reduce your vagina without pain, anesthesia, or surgery and return to your married life on the same day.
  • Use the laser with plasma injection into the vagina to inflame the desire, revitalize and redialize the area and feel it again.
  • Spybot to increase the pleasure, excitement and reach of the marital relationship.
  • This improves women’s self-confidence and self-confidence and finds a new taste of life through them and removes depression from her life and feels that she is not like a girl and that the clock is back.
  • The increasing desire of women and the increased attachment to the other party which raises the husband and enhance the interaction with them and access intimate marital relationship to the climax and ignited their desire for each other and return to marital relationship as it was at the beginning of marriage and more.

Action 2 – Petite Lady

Non-Surgical Petite Lady Rejuvenates Vaginal Tissue Through Easy and Comfortable Procedure Doctors can offer many treatments for vaginal tightening and tightening in the field of gynecology.

The Erbium YAG laser in Action 2 offers the perfect solution for many applications in the area of ​​cosmetic gynecology. The tissues are thoroughly peeled off without leakage of heat into surrounding tissues. The treatment of Action 2 – Petite Lady depends on the thermal interaction of light laser with mucous membranes to address the problems that may suffer from the vagina, caused by repeated births and aging.

Many women in the Middle East want to rejuvenate the tissues and restore sensations during the relationship, if non-surgical treatment is found, and it does not take long to recover. The 2 – Petite Lady treatment has enabled physicians to revitalize the senses and revitalize vaginal tissue vitality and youth effectively and without compromising the risks of traditional female surgeries.

Action Properties 2 – Petite Lady

  • Increasing demand in the Middle East.
  • Non-surgical treatment, avoid reviews pain, bleeding, and scars.
  • Safe procedure.
  • Convenient treatment and no recuperation needed.
  • Fast and easy to implement.

Basic Applications

  • Tightening of the vagina: A light thermal laser is lighted with short-range pulses to exfoliate vaginal mucous membranes. This action stimulates the collagen reshaping, which leads to a tightening of the vaginal canal, and renews the youth tissue and vitality.
    Lightening the color of the vaginal tissue: Lightening the color of the internal and external tissue through a comfortable procedure does not cause pain, restores the texture of the syphilis and soft texture.
  • Improved urine control: laser shedding on urinary canal opening to shrink and improve urine control.

Additional Dermatology Solutions

Centers and clinics can extend the scope of LASIK 2 applications by acquiring additional dermatological catches to rejuvenate the skin through effective and non-invasive treatments.


  • Revitalization of vaginal tissue.
  • Renewing feelings during marital relationship.
  • Tighten and narrow the vaginal canal.
  • Lighten the outer tissue color.
  • Restoring tissue elasticity after birth changes.
  • Reducing tissue atrophy caused by cycle disruptions.
  • Improve urinary control.
  • Other applications in cosmetic medicine.