I am a medical staff member. I am committed to moving my place of work effectively in any society where I work in helping and volunteering. I protect my environment and promote economic opportunities and work for the better of others and better community with my contributions. So I understand citizenship


I am a medical staff member. I address the causes of accidents in the vicinity of my life .. in my work .. in my environment. Every step I take I make safety in my eyes I keep the safety of my colleagues and friends and property of my company I work to protect my family and I am happy with the safety of my return and because life is safe, safety is my choice

the responsibility

I am a medical staff member if I make a promise. I committed myself to adopting the whole work and not just my job. My company supports my creative. My thinking goes beyond the limits of my job. I take responsibility for the results of my work and express my opinion with skill. Be careful to be role models for others. To strengthen the status of my company. I have the ability to innovate. I feel my responsibility for accomplishment. I am therefore worthy of responsibility


I’m a medical staffer. Mastery of my work. I set ambitious goals. I worked alone or within a worthy team with the confidence of others. I do all I can to meet the aspirations of my company. I achieve the best innovative and enhanced performance. I am honing my skills and supporting my colleagues and friends so the excellence is my passion


I am a medical staff member of my equity equity. In all my dealings. Build confidence. At work and beyond. Adhere to the ethics of my profession. My company depends on. Respect everyone without exception. My work behavior is perfect. I maintain my relationships. And sponsored them to endure. My company Amana in the violent. I am responding to any wrong behavior. Integrity is therefore systematic


We will not accept our client unless we accept our children