About the Group

The idea of ​​establishing these complexes began in 1991 AD, where the idea was a specialized project in orthodontics only. The idea was more than successful and the turnout was very great for this specialty. This center was the first specialized center in orthodontics. The center was established in Al-Khobar city in Al-Bandariyah area. The center continued to be successful. The number of clinics increased by the same number of clinics until 1998, when clinics were expanded in the rest of the dental specialties. Specialties include fixtures and treatments And several years later, the idea of ​​establishing a specialized orthodontic laboratory began to achieve the academic level we aspire to. It was established and expanded to include a laboratory that includes all the dental specialties and the latest technologies at the time. In 2006 we will establish another center in Dammam city at the highest level and with different building specifications to be at that time the destination of many to see the masterpiece was equipped with the latest technology in the world of medicine and orthodontic and two years after the opening until the establishment of another branch in the city of Ahsa harmony in its design and services Which is provided by the Dammam Center and two years later we established the Jubail Center. In a wonderful new style